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Berlin, continued

We’ve spent the last two days walking. Walking. WALKING. The sun came out with a vengeance today and it’s suddenly hot and we’re into sun lotion and finding shade and protecting the Badger from getting burnt. It almost feels like a different holiday. With the better light I’ve been snapping like mad and it’s been wonderful to photograph things that aren’t just the baby. I feel like I may have reignited my love of photography and will be returning home with a desire to do more and get better. Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll pass.




I’m not really into graffiti but it’s kind of a thing here in Berlin, so it’d be rude to just walk past and not pay my dues.




Today we walked all over Prenzlauer Berg. Because of Amelie we’re early risers and I think we might be missing out on the real buzz of places like this and Kreuzberg. I get the feeling they’re totally different at night and really only starting to warm up by the time we’re tired and cranky and ready to return to base. It’s a different sort of holiday, travelling with a child, that’s for sure. We’ve both been itching to explore the nightlife in Berlin but it just isn’t an option this time. Not that it hasn’t been fun. We’re still eating kebabs and drinking beer, much like we did on our last trip away, but truthfully, we’re usually so exhausted by the evening that we’re in bed at 10am with our books.

Amelie seems to have settled into our new routine. She’s grown accustomed to the buggy, though if she’s crotchety she hurtles herself out of it faster than a hot snot. We’ve used the carrier a few times but only for short trips. We’ve generally found that if we let her have a decent play in the morning, then she’ll chill out while we walk around. Once she’s asleep we chuck ourselves into the nearest bar. When she wakes up she’s full of beans so we usually make our way back to Schöneberg and find a playground. She’s really digging the sandpits (boom!), so we’ve invested in a German bucket and toddler-sized spade for her. I guess those will be our souvenirs from the trip. That and my fat ass from all the beer.



  1. You should totally rekindle that interest in photography. You have a great eye. And I should know – I was raised by a professional photographer. (My Dad is a photographer, my parents didn’t just leave me at some random photo studio) I haven’t been in Berlin in about…. 15 years… or so… I wanna go back. Sounds like a great spot.


    • Thank you! That’s a funny image – your parents dropping you off at some random studio with a roll of film and a note tied to your bonnet…


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