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So, you might recall that we got married back in July (OH GOD PLEASE NO MORE WEDDING STUFF WILL IT NEVER END), and we decided to postpone our honeymoon. Or rather, we have a toddler so a honeymoon is basically impossible. But anyway, we need a holiday; it’s been over two years since we’ve left the country, call it whatever you like. So for the past week we’ve been scouring websites trying to come up with ideas for our trip.

Initially we thought it’d be nice to go to one of those all-inclusive places. Somewhere with three pools, a beach, a kids club, tonnes of activities, restaurants and sun-lounger squabbling. I went on a few holidays like this as a kid and always had an amazing time. But when I thought more about it I realised we’re not quite ready for that sort of thing. The tennis courts and golf courses would be totally wasted on us because we’re really boring on holiday and just want to drink beer and read books. Yes, there’d be paddling with the badger, but you can’t do that all day. Also, in these types of places (I’m thinking of Club Med), the accommodation tends to be pretty basic. And they’re not cheap. So you’re paying a fortune to hang around a pool while having to fend off over-enthusiastic airtex-wearing permatanned French teenagers who are paid to harass you. No I’m not going to play bloody water polo, piss off.

We looked into more standard beachside holidays and found some lovely boutique hotels that billed themselves as child-friendly, but in the end we felt they might be a little monotonous. Amelie is too young to get much out of this kind of holiday and we felt that we’d be tied to her routine and might get a bit bored. So we’ve come up with something so much better. A two parter! And the best thing? It actually works out cheaper than the other options.

So, Brendan and I will go away for a weekend in Ireland (hurray! no planes!) and leave the badger with an unsuspecting relative. We’ll call that our honeymoon. Stage 2 is our family holiday, and we’re planning to go to Berlin. Berlin! I’ve always wanted to go but never have and it was B’s favourite city when he inter-railed around Europe back in college (retro, man), plus it’s known for being super kinder friendly, ja?

So that’s the plan. I think. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Three days in a swanky hotel (we’re thinking of the Cliff House in Waterford), then nine days in Deutschland staying in a child-friendly apartment. We’ll visit the zoo! We’ll picnic in parks! We’ll potter around museums and eat KUCHEN! The weather, she vill be VARM! Lots of stuff to see und do! H O L I D A Y. Ja. Exclamation mark.


  1. I lived in West Berlin (before/during the fall of the Wall) when I was a kid, but I don’t remember it which is a huge bummer. I have always wanted to go back and visit (with actual real adult memories), so I’m mildly jealous of your impending trip.


    • snowmonkey says

      Thanks, I’m looking forward to it, I’ve only heard good things. You should go and revisit your childhood!


  2. sounds lovely – and good that you’ve figured out which kinds of holidays to avoid already. Our first holiday with a child was in Spain, and we flew my sister out to join us so that she could help babysit. In fairness, it was during the Celtic Tiger, so mad things like that didn’t seem quite so mad. Enjoy planning your holiday!


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